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Northern Tanzania Union Conference


What an enormous blessing to have thousands of church members all over the world praying diligently for the outpouring of the latter rain of the Holy Spirit and the power of God in His remnant church to proclaim the three angels' messages of Revelation 14. The General Conference leaders were in special annual consultations for much of last week and participated in the 10 Days of Prayer with precious prayer sessions. Those at the GC headquarters spent extra time in prayer as well. We are planning even more focused prayer time at the GC headquarters for a special administrative time this coming June 2014 and then for the January 2015 "Ten Days of Prayer."

It is so important for us to plead with the Lord for revival and reformation, the power of God's Holy Word in our lives, and the influence of the Holy Spirit in all that we do. God is preparing His people for the final loud cry to be given to the world. Jesus is coming soon, and He is calling His church to complete surrender and submission to His will for His people.

Many of God's people around the world have been praying for our two brothers in prison in Togo. We thank God for the impending release from prison of Pastor Montiero and praise God's name, but ask that you continue to plead with the Lord for the release of Brother Bruno Amah. Thank you so much for your faithful prayer efforts in Jesus name.

Let us continue to pray for the outpouring of the latter rain of the Holy Spirit, the worldwide work of Mission to the Cities, and Comprehensive Health Ministry as we fulfill God's last-day mission for the Seventh-day Adventist Church and follow the guidance of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. We want Jesus to come, and we want to go home with Him! Be encouraged in the Lord and the promises of His Word!



Ted N. C. Wilson
General Conference President

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